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About Being Part of the Nooz

John Daly has the ability to teach anyone how to create a news or TV segment using just a smartphone, similar to what I'm demonstrating at this moment.

How You Can Become A Newscaster at Nooz

John Daly from Nooz discusses how you can become a newscaster at News, enabling you to share the stories you desire about your community or area of expertise.

How to Make Better Videos

Camille Martin from News. She's sharing three tips to enhance your video production.

Tips on How not to Forget What You Want to Say on Camera

Camille Martin from News. She's providing you with tips to help you remember your on-camera dialogue effectively.

Brunswick Community College Class Perfect Lighting

In this interview with the head golf pro at Blackmore Golf Course, his left eye is partially shaded at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, prompting sun adjustment for improved facial visibility.

Creating & Editing Video Segments

Contained within are plenty of user-friendly tips, empowering you to craft exceptional video segments and confidently present yourself on camera.

3 Easy Tips on How to Shoot Video Correctly

Provide a breakdown of three simple guidelines for capturing video accurately.

Stand up Lighting

John Daly lit from both sides, highlighting my face and the background, needing precise lighting for the best results.

Microphone day 1 course

For this video style, consider the Movo dual microphone from Amazon. It may need an iPhone attachment for connection and has a speaker option for focused interview listening, creating a radio-style experience.

BCC Course Tripod

Introducing a tripod that is worth considering. It's conveniently accessible on Amazon and is the creation of Cobra Tech. One of its standout attributes is its excellent portability, making it a hassle-free companion for your travel needs.