All About Nooz!

NOOZ is your go-to platform for the latest happenings in your local community.  We support and promote local businesses and events through our NOOZ Media Network, empowering our NOOZcasters in producing relevant and authentic content for the community.  NOOZ is about what’s happening near you.

What We Do

NOOZ develops and trains local NOOZcasters to report on what’s happening in their communities.  It covers just about everything going on in town, from events and local businesses to music, things to do on the weekend, profiles of people you might see around town, meet pets and their owners, local history, haunted houses, and even…weird things.  NOOZ is Fun and 100% POSITIVE.

NOOZ Platforms

Our extensive network includes city-specific pages on, local NOOZ Facebook and Instagram pages, social media profiles, a YouTube channel, a NOOZ Featured Member Page, NOOZ Maps with video pop-ups, NOOZ Video Reviews with SEO integration for Google business searches, and and our convenient NOOZ mobile app (available November 1st).

How It Works

Our local NOOZcasters produce videos and video reviews for local businesses.  They also produce video content on what’s happening around town.  NOOZ posts these videos on its platforms and boosts them on social media.  This brands the local NOOZcaster as a local influencer and keeps the Featured Member businesses top of mind for locals.  NOOZ builds community.  NOOZ Works.

Personal Branding for NOOZcasters

NOOZ builds the personal brands of its NOOZcasters into becoming “locally recognized influencers”.  Every time a NOOZcaster produces and posts a video to their personal channel, NOOZ distributes those videos to where locals are…on their phones, online, and on social media.  And NOOZcasters become known in their local communities.  There is no better way to build a local personal brand.

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